Mix und match unsere Schuhe und Taschen mit unseren 925er Silber Broschen!

Here's how it works

Wähle ein Paar Schuhe oder eine Handtasche.

Suche Dir eine Brosche aus, die zu Deinem Style passt.

Fertig sind Deine individuellen LIFF Schuhe!

Du willst einen neuen Look kreieren? Wechsle die Brosche oder die Lederwaren ganz einfach aus!


One accessory, different styles.

Exklusive Damen Accessoires, so individuell wie Du. 

With our unique locking system, you have the opportunity to decorate any of the LIFF products with the handmade LIFF brooches and combine them as you wish.

Change it. Love it. LIFF it.

One accessory, different styles

The times when you have to buy suitable accessories and shoes for every outfit are over. With our LIFF products, you have the options of yours accessories and our Shoes adapt flexibly to your clothes by using the attached ones Brooches can replace as desired. This is made possible by our unique closure system, which can only be used with our brooches. 

Simply select a matching brooch and attach it to LIFF shoes with one click. So you can create a uniform look or combine different brooch designs.

If you go on a trip, a pair of shoes and a bag are now sufficient. With the help of the different brooches, you can adapt your accessories to any outfit.

Each of our brooches fits every LIFF product.
The more brooches you own, the more diverse you can showcase your LIFF products.




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