About LIFF

LIFF is a Berlin fashion label founded in 2020. 

LIFF stands for exclusive, high quality and customizable fashion. With our unique fastening system you have the possibility to combine each of the LIFF products with the handmade LIFF brooches and to adapt them to your outfits.

The idea of LIFF starts with my favorite pair of flip flops, a damaged brooch and the desperate search for a replacement.

This brooch attached to the shoe was missing a stone, which unfortunately could not be replaced. For the first time I had the desire for individuality, flexibility and sustainability. Wouldn't it be much nicer to be able to change the brooches all the time? Yes, of course it would be!

From the original idea to produce flip flops with exchangeable brooches, further exclusive leather good designs followed.

So I decided to accept this fashion challenge and not only bring more glamour into my life but also in yours.

Change it. Love it. LIFF it.

Linda Tulke, Founder of LIFF

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