Exclusive brooches made from Swarovski crystals

Our LIFF brooches are as diverse as you are. In addition to various colors, you can first choose between three shapes: round, oval or rectangular. From bright, reserved brooches to eye-catching golden brooches with ruby-red crystals, everything is included. So you can wear our products both in everyday life and on special occasions. Simply change the brooch and your clothes will shine in new splendor.

What are the LIFF brooches for?

The unique locking system on the LIFF Women's shoes, Handbags and others Leather accessories enables a flexible design through the brooches with crystal stones. In addition, you can coordinate your accessories perfectly by always choosing the same brooch design for your accessories. The more brooches you own, the more multifaceted you can combine and wear your LIFF products. Every brooch fits every LIFF product.

If you are going on a summer vacation in the future, for example, you only need a pair of sandals. By simply exchanging the brooches, you can wear the LIFF sandal with a wide variety of clothing. And your handbag can also be styled to match the shoes.

What distinguishes LIFF brooches?

The brooches from LIFF are high quality crystal brooches. Set with Swarovski crystals, they make every outfit shine. The brooches are cast from 935 silver. The color palette of the crystals is large. Various combinations of colors create a variety of jewelry for every taste.

All LIFF brooches are lovingly handcrafted in Berlin, which ensures the highest quality. 

Didn't find a suitable brooch?

No problem! At LIFF you have the opportunity to design and have your very own brooch made with crystal stones. Choose your favorite shape and combine the colored crystals according to your ideas. You will receive your individual soon Custom order.

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