Taschen inklusive Brosche

High quality women's handbags made of real leather

Would you like a bag that flexibly adapts to your clothes? This wish is fulfilled with our LIFF leather bags. Thanks to a unique locking system, you can use any LIFF handbag with different Brooches equip. You not only have the choice between different colors, you can also choose from three shapes. Set with shiny Swarovski crystals, every LIFF brooch turns your handbag into an exclusive eye-catcher.

Whether a small handbag or a large handle bag - the brooch is the heart of your loyal companion. Attached in the middle gives the bag a radiant look. And for an unmistakable appearance, you can have yours LIFF shoes Fit the same brooch to match the leather handbag. Simply put on, turn until you click and you're done!

What distinguishes LIFF bags?

All shoulder bags can be expanded with a shoulder strap, which ensures a comfortable fit. A silver zipper ensures good protection for your daily companions.

The finest leather from Italy is used for the LIFF bags. The production takes place in precise manual work in Romania. The production facility was carefully selected so that the handbags manufactured meet our high requirements.

Get an idea of the excellent quality of our leather handbags and let one of our LIFF stylists advise personally.

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